About the artist


Arist Carl

Born in Birmingham, England in 1963, Carl Phillips is an English native who left the cold and damp winters for sunny Fort Lauderdale.

From an early age Carl was identified as a promising young artist, even drawing the attention of the BBC not once, but twice. With the common sense of a stoic Englishman, Carl’s talent for sketching and painting took a commercial turn after university.

Turning a talent into a career, Carl would spend the next twenty five years in design engineering, Computer Aided design and software development.

Upon moving to Fort Lauderdale in 2004, he began attending local evening classes in both Watercolor & Oil painting. Pursuing his love of watercolor painting, he is now member of a Plein Air painting group that meets every weekend.

Carl’s artwork has won awards and honorable mentions at local south Florida Watercolor societies, and his artwork is now often on display at local galleries in Fort Lauderdale.  Recent artwork was also accepted into the American Watercolor Society annual show in New York.

Carl’s works are stories on canvas. Whether the story is best told as a realism representation of a street scene, a landscape, or intimate portrait, his compositions are best known for capturing the trenchant emotion of the subject, time and place. Unique to Carl’s technique is the blend of old English methods of image building with the western watercolor techniques.

From recognition gained via art contests, exhibits and word-of-mouth recommendations, Carl is rapidly gaining the reputation of a rising Star.